Danger: When not so bad becomes good enough

When tragedy strikes others, we comfort them as best we can; and we comfort ourselves by comparing their tragedy to our own problems and say, “At least things aren’t that bad,” or “Things could be worse.”  These events could be death, illness, accident, financial or relationship woes.  And while it is helpful to put “things” […]

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Three steps to a more meaningful life

Tired of how the everyday can get kind of dull? What if you were able to make every moment count? Would you appreciate the little things more? Would you consider less time as wasted? Or would you notice opportunities that may have been overlooked in the past? Spiritual teacher Caroline Myss says that there is […]

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The secret to serenity

The secret to a life of joy and serenity is to trade expectations for acceptance. Much time can be spent (and really, I mean wasted) by complaining about the ruts in the road until you realize, in fact, that the ruts are the road. If there is any difference at all between the way things […]

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