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A Semi-Spiritual Rant – Episode 1 – The Obstacle is the Way

You’ve been whining for weeks about those time suckers. Distractions and disruptions have been plaguing you. As soon as you get on a roll someone or something crops up to stop you in your tracks. A minute here. An hour there. Days go by. You know exactly what you want to accomplish, but one by one, time is chipping away at those dreams. Your time is anything but managed and you’re at the mercy of other people and their problems.

To be fair, it’s your job. Your role in life is to show up and be that guy others turn to for you know what. But it’s also a constant frustration when you hit those snags that ruin your best laid plans. What are you missing?

Clearly, you’re not being generous enough with your time, patient enough with others. You can be stingy when you feel trapped by things that pull you away from your own thing. And you love your thing.

Maybe what you’re looking at as an energy drain is really a gift from God. So foolish. Resisting the very thing you’ve been praying for because you don’t recognize it for what it is – the answer to your prayers.

Because you said you wanted to help people. So. Help them. Help the ones standing right in front of you. Literally knocking on your door. Ringing you up. The ones you think are standing between you and your thing. The ones who need help with their most pressing issues. You say you want to be of service? Be it. Without judging how they got themselves into this mess or their inability to get out of it.

They’re not in the way. They are the way. Even though the mess they’re in is not your mess, listening to them is all you’re being asked to do. It looks like they’re doing the asking, but that’s not true. God’s asking. Just try saying no to God.

It’s the first of the Four Immutable Laws of Spirit by Harrison Owen: Whoever shows up is the right person. You think you’re showing up for them, or not. But they’re really showing up for you. How arrogant.

You have to stop thinking that your own petty plan can override The Master Plan. Forget your lofty personal goals. Your burning heart’s desires. Your sacred soul purpose. Your sole purpose is to show up to what comes your way. Showing up to this moment is all you ever have to do, with presence, love, and compassion. You think you can’t find your purpose. The truth, if you want to see it, is that you can’t escape it. It’s always right in front of you.

Your ego wants it to be profound. Instead it can seem mundane. That’s your mistake. Clearly, you missed the point. But you can get it by showing up to this moment. Because then it’s anything but mundane.  

And yet you question that what you get in life isn’t exactly what you asked for. Preferences be damned. Stop thinking you have to like everything that comes your way, not only when it comes, but before it even gets here. You pre-desire, just to keep everyone in the loop.

Stop thinking you have to like what everyone else is doing, too. Stop wasting time deciding what’s acceptable and what’s not. As if the choice was ever yours.

Another Immutable Law: Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened. More arrogance. Deciding in advance what you’ll accept and what you’ll reject.

You can hear God laughing from here. Because, really, that’s exactly where God is right now. Where God always is. In. Here. Shaking a metaphorical head wondering when you’re going to get it.

Another Immutable Law: Whenever it happens is the right time. Because. You only think you’re in control.

You should know by now how this works. Once you release your resistance to those things, they’ll go away. They’re not really showing up because they need you. They’re showing up because you need them to teach you what you need to learn. Stop being so stingy with your time and energy. And love. Once you learn that lesson, you’ll be free to chase your own dreams.

The last Immutable Law: When it’s over, it’s over. And so it begins.