Has your life lost meaning?

You get educated, build careers, raise families, and accumulate stuff.  Think of it as a whirl of activity in the bottom half of an hour glass.  Then at some point, you get drawn up into the center of the hour glass where you can no longer breathe in the life you yourself created.

Some of you might get stuck there while others drop back down into your comfort zone. And some feel compelled to squeeze through that narrow tunnel into another expanse of life.

Imagine a more meaningful life…

Imagine feeling at home in your life. You wake up every day eager to explore the world and you go to bed satisfied by a day well-lived.  You breathe with clarity, confidence, and creativity knowing you are fully aligned with your purpose.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to live in alignment. To take the opportunity to grow every aspect of your life – to feel completely fulfilled and at peace.

So, why are so many people stuck?

Sometimes who you’ve been no longer aligns with who you are becoming. A deeper sense inside you says something is off, and although you can’t explain it, you definitely know it.

Finding yourself in these uncharted waters can leave you unsure of what to do or where to look for guidance. It may even feel safer to ride the tide rather than choose another direction.

Until you realize that you can no longer breathe. You’re stuck because the tide has drifted you to a place that, well … isn’t where you belong.

This is where I jump in.

I work with those who feel suffocated by their current life – dull and flat. Through life coaching, hypnotherapy, and spiritual guidance, I help to implement the five keys above and find your best self. In the end, you have created a more authentic, meaningful life.

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