Before I started working with Barbara I had a hard time seeing the reality of my life. Her non-judgmental approach encouraged me to look at my life more honestly. With her, I was able to see not only how things got so far away from me, but more importantly, how to bring them back and live according to how I wanted them to be. With Barbara’s support, I have learned to lighten my heart and embrace my dreams.

Donna B., Phoenix, AZ

Barbara’s calming presence made it easy to relax and open up to her and myself. Her ability to help me to recognize my reluctance to see the inconsistencies in my life allowed me to show up in a way that I had never done before. For the first time ever, I own my choices and am better able to align them with my purpose. I am so grateful that someone saw through my façade to expose the possibilities within.

J.C., Scottsdale, Arizona

Prior to meeting Barbara, I was moving through life with blinders on and no real purpose. One of my clients introduced me to Barbara and my whole life has taken a 180-degree turn. Through hypnosis and life coaching sessions, Barbara has helped me to recognize my own wisdom as well as find some really supportive tools to help me focus on my goals and be present in my daily activities. Barbara’s non-judging voice, body language, and calm demeanor made the process safe and inviting. Thank you, Barbara, for helping me to see my life more clearly and participate in it more fully.

S.L., Phoenix, Arizona

Barbara brought a quiet strength, wisdom, and compassion to the table. When we began, I was unsure of how to handle a family issue. She saw right through to the heart of it and opened my eyes to insights that were hard to see but crucial to its resolution. I learned to understand and deal with this conflict while honoring myself and the others involved. Barbara helped me to discover how to best move forward and was kind and supportive along the way.

S.E., Vienna, Austria

Barbara’s empathy and skills as a life coach helped me to determine the path to take with a difficult work situation. Her compassion and quiet “allowing” helped me to open my heart and see what I could choose to better it. Through hypnotherapy, Barbara’s deep questioning uncovered the key elements that allowed the reluctant part of me to cooperate in making a desired change. I have found confidence in working through my fear of change and am happy to be on the right path.

S.H., Austin, Texas