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Live Without Resistance to Be More Present

Living life without resistance requires letting go of the urge to control and resist the natural flow of life.  It means accepting and embracing life’s challenges and opportunities with an open heart and mind.  A mesh screen is a powerful metaphor for approaching life in this way.

Imagine yourself as a mesh screen that allows light and air to flow through effortlessly.  This screen represents a way of being in which you’re fully receptive to life, without any resistance or barriers.  Just like the screen, you allow experiences, emotions, and thoughts to pass through you, without clinging to them or trying to change them.  You’re in a state where everything comes and goes effortlessly.  

Here’s why you might consider living metaphorically like a mesh screen.

You’ll be more present and fully engaged in each moment, without fear, judgment or attachment.  When you’re present, there’s no dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.  Whatever comes your way is an opportunity for growth and learning.  You’re simply aware of what’s happening right now, allowing it to flow through you in real time.

By letting go of control, you’ll trust in the natural flow of life.  We want things to be a certain way, and when they’re not, we resist them.  Controlling life is like trying to control the wind.  Impossible! This doesn’t mean being passive or indifferent, but rather being flexible and adaptable.

When you practice compassion, you’ll treat yourself with kindness and understanding.  When you’re critical of yourself, you’ll create resistance in your heart and mind.  Having compassion releases this resistance so you can be more open to the flow of life.

Living life without resistance is a powerful way to cultivate peace, joy, and fulfillment.  By using the mesh screen metaphor, you become unassailable, because nothing gets trapped inside of you.  This will help you to live life without resistance and to enjoy the beauty and wonder of each moment.