Is This You?

I work with those who seem to have it all together. In reality, things may be falling apart after a life change, or you’re bored with the status quo, stuck in a rut, or grinding your gears.

The people I work with want congruency between their inner and outer worlds. They hear their inner voice and are asking spiritually relevant questions to explore a more meaningful life. They are awakening to their higher self.

Challenges you are having

  • Lost touch with your true self
  • Can’t define your life purpose
  • Don’t know your heart’s desires
  • Stuck in an unfulfilling cycle of doing, achieving, and accumulating
  • Caught up in an external world that conflicts with your internal world

The clients who realize the most with me are:

  • Awakening – to new perspectives and possibilities
  • Challengable – willing to take an honest look at themselves, their life, and the world around them
  • Curious – to know more about themselves, the world, and their place in it

Barbara offers transformational guidance that creates congruence between your desires, thoughts, and actions.


  • See your own potential and know how to tap into it
  • Have a clear direction towards how to shift your perspective
  • Be free from internal conflicts

My Core Philosophy

My core philosophy is to challenge the thoughts, beliefs, expectations and judgments you base your current life on. The foundation from which you launch your life forward needs to be both strong and flexible. You can have a clear sense of who you are while at the same time allow yourself to grow.

I’m a very good listener

I hear what you’re not saying. I bring that out and show you parts of yourself that are hard to see. I will call you on the carpet for every thought, word, and deed that is inconsistent with what you claim to want. Having helped countless people to discover who they truly are and what they really want out of life, I can help you.

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