How I Work

Barbara offers transformational guidance to create congruence between your desires, thoughts, and actions.


  • See your own full potential
  • Get clear guidance on how to expand your awareness
  • Be free from inner conflicts and have congruence in your desires, thoughts, and actions

My Core Philosophy

My core philosophy is to challenge the thought processes, beliefs, habits, expectations and judgments on which you base your current life. You can have a clear sense of who you are while at the same time encourage yourself to grow.

I’m a very good listener

I can hear what you’re not saying. I bring that out and show you parts of yourself that you haven’t been able to see. I will call you on the carpet for every thought, word, and deed that is inconsistent with what you claim to want. Having helped countless people to discover who they truly are and what they really want out of life, I am capable of helping you, too.

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